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Developing Industries,
Creating Value.

We are Oreasoc Group Inc, a conglomerate of companies united by a shared commitment to pioneering strategic innovations.

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Oreasoc at a glance

OREASOC is a holding company, housing a network of interconnected businesses, each committed to excellence and innovation within their fields of expertise. Our primary mission is to foster and expand global business relationships, while providing innovative solutions across all industries we are involved in.

Our corporate activities extend into strategic sectors including the oil and petrochemical industry, iron mineral sector, renewable energies, and the areas of food production, marketing, and distribution, significantly contributing to global food security. Through our integrated network of companies, we are committed to fostering sustainability and efficiency, ensuring our operations are conducted in a manner that aligns with our corporate goals and meets international standards of sustainability and efficiency.

With a strong presence worldwide, our distinguished commitment to quality, innovation, and development of  specific solutions for today’s market needs sets us apart. Our team, conformed of highly skilled professionals, is fundamental to every project we participate, ensuring excellence in every endeavor and service we deliver.

Industries we serve & Community presence

Oreasoc Agriculture

Innovation in every sowing, sustainability in every harvest.

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Oreasoc Food

Elevating global nutrition, quality transcending borders.

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Oreasoc Fertilizers

Advanced solutions for prosperous agriculture.

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Oreasoc Clean Energy

Lighting the future with sustainable solutions.

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Oreasoc Petroleum

Transforming natural resources into sustainable progress.

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Oreasoc Minerals

Iron Resources Powering Modern Innovations

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Oreasoc Logistics

Limitless logistics moving the world.

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Oreasoc Media Group

Capturing Attention, Positively Transforming Spaces.

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Oreasoc Foundation

Cultivating Transformation, Nurturing Smiles.

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At Oreasoc, we are acutely aware of the significance of environmental preservation. That’s why we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to implementing policies and initiatives designed to foster a more compassionate and sustainable world, benefiting both current and future generations.

Our values and mission drive us to continuously optimize our operations with the goal of minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in every aspect of our business. This commitment is realized through ethical and transparent practices, respect for human rights, the promotion of equal opportunities, and support for projects with significant environmental and social impact.

We are firmly convinced that every action, no matter how small, is crucial in forging a better future for everyone, especially for future generations.

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