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Oreasoc Agriculture

Innovation with responsibility in every harvest.

At Oreasoc Agriculture, our mission transcends simply contributing to the global planting and supply of food. We strive to be a catalyst for change, integrating agriculture with environmental sustainability. Our goal is to lead the convergence between efficient agricultural practices and care for the environment, establishing a production model that benefits both our planet and global communities.

We recognize that global food security and the health of our planet are intrinsically connected; which is why we must play a crucial role to play in fostering a future where both prosper.

Our focus is on implementing agricultural practices that increase productivity and also protect and enrich natural resources vital for future generations. We are committed to maintaining a delicate balance between increasing agricultural production and improving environmental conservation. Through advanced techniques, we benefit both farmland and the communities that depend on it.

This position ensures that each of our agricultural processes contributes to both the economic vitality and the ecological integrity of the regions in which we operate. By employing methods that support biodiversity, water conservation and soil health, Oreasoc Agriculture seeks to meet current food production and safety standards, as well as anticipate the future standards of global agriculture.

At Oreasoc Agriculture, we recognize our responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants as a fundamental and lasting commitment. By combining biological and ecological processes with food production, we strive to minimize the use of non-renewable methods and strengthen the sustainability of our agricultural practices.

Through our actions and projects, we reaffirm our commitment to a greener and more equitable world. The comprehensive focus on managing natural resources and promoting oxygen-generating spaces underscores our continued dedication to sustainability and the fight against climate change.

Agriculture Division

In our agriculture division, we embrace innovative and sustainable practices that encompass conservation agriculture, integrated pest and nutrient management, as well as precision agriculture. In the latter, we use advanced technologies, such as GPS, sensors and data analysis, to optimize crop yields and efficiency in the use of resources, ensuring more precise and less invasive management of agricultural land.

These methodologies allow us to optimize the efficient use of natural resources such as water and soil, while minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting ecosystem health. Our soil and water management strategies ensure that each product not only meets the highest standards of quality and food safety but is also produced responsibly.

Through our strategic alliance with Brazil’s Cooperativa de Produção Agrária Familiar, which brings together a significant number of food producers, as well as other Food Producers’ Cooperatives that are key players in Latin America, we promote practices that balance productivity with environmental preservation. This allows us efficient production that supplies both local populations and global markets through Oreasoc Food.

Forest and Biodiversity Division

Our management of forest areas focuses on the implementation of conservation strategies aimed at protecting flora, fauna and indigenous communities. We are committed to reforestation and other practices that promote natural regeneration, which helps maintain biodiversity and support natural cycles that are fundamental to life on our planet.

We collaborate directly with non-profit organizations such as the Chico Méndez do Brasil Foundation to implement measures that prevent deforestation and promote ecological balance. Our work in this area, apart from supporting the conservation of animal and plant species, also seeks to promote carbon capturing, which is vital to combat climate change.


At Oreasoc Agriculture we seek to feed the world while preserving the planet.