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Supplier Central

At Oreasoc Group, the excellence of our global operations is underpinned by the quality of materials, services, innovations and expertise provided by our strategic partners. We are committed to interacting with our suppliers in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner.

Supplier Diversity

At Oreasoc Group, we recognize that the success of our global organization is strengthened by reflecting the diversity of the companies, partners and communities with whom we operate. As such, the inclusion of a broad range of companies and business partners is a fundamental component of our business strategy.

We collaborate with partners who bring different perspectives and innovative solutions, including small and minority-led businesses. This approach supports our commitment to fair and equitable business practices, and also expands our capabilities by enhancing our global reach.

We invite suppliers offering high-quality goods or services in the industries in which we operate to join our network, provided that their business practice policies are aligned with our values and principles.

If your company is ready to contribute to the development of innovative and technological solutions that improve efficiency, we would be happy to explore collaboration opportunities. We invite you to contact us at: