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Oreasoc at a glance

Oreasoc Group is positioned as an outstanding conglomerate of companies, each one a pioneer in its field of expertise, dedicated to excellence and continuous innovation. Our mission and vision are focused on strengthening and expanding our business relationships worldwide, offering comprehensive solutions in each of the industries in which we operate. We are firmly committed to respecting the environment, which is at the core of our business strategy and corporate practices.

Our presence spans key strategic sectors, including the oil and petrochemical industry, the mining sector, renewable energies, and especially production, marketing and distribution of food. In the latter, we play a crucial role in global food security, providing essential resources that not only add value, but also reflect our commitment to sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

At Oreasoc Group, we are committed to conducting operations that meet current market needs while respecting and preserving the balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social well-being. To achieve these strategic objectives, we rely on a team of highly qualified professionals whose vast experience ensures excellence and efficiency in all our operations. This approach allows us to remain at the forefront in every sector in which we participate, constantly pushing the boundaries to new heights of success and sustainability.

At Oreasoc Group we are pioneers in innovation for a more promising tomorrow.

Industries in which we participate and our social commitment

Oreasoc Agriculture

Innovation with responsibility in each harvest.

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Oreasoc Food

Elevating global nutrition with food without borders.

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Oreasoc Fertilizers

Advanced solutions for safe agriculture.

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Oreasoc Energy

Lighting the future with respect for the environment.

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Oreasoc Petroleum

Transforming natural resources into sustainable progress.

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Oreasoc Minerals

Iron resources drive modern innovations.

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Oreasoc Logistics

Boundless logistics that move the world.

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Oreasoc Media Group

Capturing attention through advertising space.

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Oreasoc Foundation

Generating smiles through social transformation.

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At Oreasoc Group, we are fully committed to implementing policies and developing initiatives that promote a more conscious and sustainable world. We focus on benefiting both current and future generations, emphasizing the importance of preserving the environment. Our integrated approach ensures that all our operations and strategies reflect this commitment, always seeking to innovate responsible and with a vision for the future.

Our mission is to continually optimize our operations and minimize our carbon footprint, promoting sustainability in all aspects of our business. This commitment materializes through the adoption of ethical and transparent practices, respect for human rights, promotion of equal opportunities and support for projects that generate significant environmental and social impact.

At Oreasoc Group, each project is meticulously evaluated with strict criteria that ensure compliance with our commitment to protect and enrich the environment. We uphold an integral approach in our mission to generate innovative, positive and lasting impacts, thus strengthening our vision of sustainability and global responsibility.

We are convinced that success is based on the sum of individual contributions, where each action, no matter how small, counts significantly. We believe that to build a better future for everyone, the constant accumulation of daily efforts that together nourish and strengthen great initiatives is crucial. This collaborative and committed approach is fundamental to drive positive and sustainable changes in all our areas of influence.

At Oreasoc Group, we are dedicated to driving advanced solutions that address contemporary challenges and define and enrich the future of the industries in which we operate. This commitment positions us at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that we lead the development and implementation of new technologies and practices that make a difference globally.

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