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About Us

Since its founding in 2001, Oreasoc Group has established itself as a leading company in the production and marketing/sales of raw materials globally, covering essential sectors such as fertilizer, mining, petroleum, clean energy, agriculture, food, logistics and media. Our strategic expansion across diverse industries reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation. This approach enables us to offer advanced solutions that meet and anticipate the needs of the global market, reinforcing our position as a key player in sustainable development and industrial innovation.

We are committed to the environment, considering it a fundamental pillar of our operations. This commitment is manifested in ambitious initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and promoting environmentally friendly business practices. These efforts improve our operational efficiency, increase our company’s notoriety, and position us as the preferred partner for clients and collaborators who value environmental and social responsibility.

At Oreasoc Group, each client is considered a strategic partner, and each project is an opportunity to foster and strengthen significant change towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.

What we do

With more than twenty years of experience, Oreasoc Group has established itself as a reference in the production, marketing, sourcing and efficient transportation of raw materials. Our comprehensive approach combines in-depth knowledge of regional markets with global logistics capabilities, making us a reliable supplier in the international marketplace.

Through our subsidiaries, we efficiently manage the distribution of resources, relocating surpluses from prosperous regions to areas with deficits to ensure equitable and efficient distribution. This process is meticulously aligned with market dynamics and adapted to respond to unexpected conditions, including climatic changes and atypical situations.

This strategic perspective allows us to maintain operational flexibility and ensure supply stability in all conditions. Our strategic alliances improve our priority access to essential resources, which consolidates our prominent position and competitive advantage in the market, allowing us to respond agilely to changing needs, strengthening our influence and presence globally.

Our Purpose

At Oreasoc Group, our objective is to consolidate our position as a reference and ourselves as leaders and pioneers in the industries in which we operate. We are committed to adopting practices that deeply respect the environment, enrich local communities and promote equal opportunity. We are dedicated to developing and delivering advanced solutions that address current needs and also anticipate future challenges; with a constant focus on minimizing our ecological footprint.

Our vision at Oreasoc Group is to build a legacy of social and environmental responsibility, where each initiative and project is designed to have a positive and lasting impact ,both on the natural environment and on the social well-being of the communities with which we interact.

Our commitment to ethics and sustainability is unwavering, guaranteeing a positive and lasting impact on our environment and society. Every step we take is aimed at contributing to a more prosperous and responsible future, ensuring that our actions have a beneficial impact on current and future generations.