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Oreasoc Foundation

Generating smiles through social transformation.

At Oreasoc Foundation we deeply understand that our role in the private sector is fundamental to fostering sustainable development and providing equitable access for everyone. This belief has been a pillar of our mission for more than two decades, influencing not only our business strategies, but also driving our actions toward meaningful environmental and social progress.

At Oreasoc Foundation, we strive to implement and support initiatives that promote the well-being of marginalized communities, helping to close gaps in education and skills development and empowering people to improve their quality of life. Our goal is to be an active player that contributes to positive change in the communities where we establish operations.

The Oreasoc Foundation is committed to being a catalyst for change, inspiring actions that build a more equitable and sustainable future. We are proud to see how our initiatives transform lives and communities, projecting a legacy of lasting impact.

Every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive without limitations, with access to nourishment, education, and essential infrastructure, all rooted in profound respect for nature.

Environmental Initiatives

Dedicated to safeguarding the environment, we focus on the most vulnerable areas of South America and other regions where we have a presence. Our initiatives include extensive reforestation programs, environmental education projects aimed at local communities, and biodiversity conservation efforts that seek not only to preserve native flora and fauna, but also to improve the resilience of communities in the face of environmental change. We collaborate closely with local and international experts and organizations to ensure that our actions have a long-term positive impact.

Education initiatives

Education is a key driver of social and economic change. Through the Oreasoc Foundation, we facilitate access to high-quality education in the most disadvantaged communities by building and equipping modern schools, providing essential teaching materials, and offering scholarships. Our educational programs are designed to be inclusive and adaptive, considering the cultural and social needs of each community to maximize their effectiveness.

Health initiatives

We promote universal access to health care as a fundamental right. Our health initiatives range from the implementation of mobile clinics that reach remote areas to vaccination and nutrition programs that address the immediate needs of communities. We also work on water and sanitation projects to ensure that communities have access to basic resources essential to their health and well-being.

Infrastructure Initiatives

We recognize the critical importance of robust infrastructure for community development. Our projects focus not only on building homes and schools, but also on developing health and transportation infrastructure that facilitates greater access to services and opportunities. These initiatives are designed to provide long-term benefits to communities.

At Oreasoc Foundation, we are committed to transforming lives through actions that promote a more prosperous and sustainable future.