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We understand that our greatest asset is the people who are part of our organization, and therefore, we are dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining outstanding talent who share our values and vision.

At Oreasoc Group we deeply value the principles of respect and honesty, fundamental pillars that guide all our actions and decisions.

Our focus on excellence is constant and is reflected in every aspect of our operation. We firmly believe that the sustainable success of Oreasoc Group lies in the integral and continuous development of our employees. For this reason, we foster an environment where personal and professional growth is a possibility and an expectation.

We promote a corporate culture that values and encourages participatory decision-making. At Oreasoc Group each employee is seen as a valued member of the team, with a voice and a vote in the decision-making process. This approach increases the satisfaction and sense of belonging of our employees, and also enhances our ability to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions. We encourage collaboration, the exchange of ideas and the inclusion of a variety of perspectives, which enriches our strategic planning and reinforces our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Experienced Professionals

Our rigorous selection process is designed to identify and attract the best talent, those who not only have the necessary technical skills, but also demonstrate a strong ability to think innovatively and work independently. At Oreasoc Group, we cultivate an environment that promotes autonomy and creativity, within a diverse and expansive framework that challenges our employees and fosters continuous excellence.

Advanced Apprenticeship Programs

Oreasoc Group’s apprenticeship program is a robust initiative designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in commodities trading and beyond. This program not only offers technical instruction, but also paid hands-on training that spans eighteen months, during which time apprentices rotate through various departments. This experience provides them with a deep and versatile understanding of our company, preparing them for meaningful roles within the organization.

Commitment to Continuous Development

We are deeply committed to providing our employees with ongoing opportunities for professional and personal development. From training programs to mentoring initiatives, every resource is designed to support the personal growth of our employees and equip them to take on ever greater challenges.

Develop your potential: Join our team and shape your future.

If you have the qualifications and motivation to contribute to the success of our organization, we invite you to send your resume to; ensuring that each application will be treated with the utmost respect, professionalism and confidentiality.