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Angel Meza

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Angel Meza is a Mechanical Engineer with specialization in Business Economics and Financial Advisory. Throughout his distinguished career, he has held key roles in the corporate arena, occupying high-level positions as CEO, Board member and shareholder in prestigious financial institutions. His influence extends across several countries, including Venezuela, Colombia, the United States and the United Kingdom, where he has contributed significantly to the growth and strategy of these entities.

As an entrepreneur and visionary strategist, Mr. Angel Meza has successfully led the expansion of businesses in emerging sectors globally. His depth of experience and expertise spans a broad geographic spectrum, with significant operations in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Romania, Panama and his native Venezuela. This impressive international presence not only demonstrates his versatility and ability to adapt to diverse market environments, but also underscores his deep understanding of global industrial and financial dynamics.

Mr. Angel Meza’s leadership has been crucial in the formulation and implementation of innovative operational strategies that have catalyzed the growth and consolidation of the entities with which he has collaborated. His focus on innovation and operational efficiency has generated significant improvements in the management and profitability of Oreasoc Group. Additionally, his commitment to sustainable development and corporate responsibility has enriched business practices under his leadership, ensuring not only economic success, but also integrity and respect for the environment.

Executive Committee

Peter Knez


Hector Orea

Vice Chairman

Hector Jose Orea

Founder and CEO

Juan Nicora


Francisco Miralles

Chief Financial Officer

Angel Meza

Chief Operating Officer

Marcus Nobel

Board Member

Robert Lavia

Board Member

Dato Hamid

Board Member

Pablo Sugastti

Board Member

Rachid Llaudy

Board Member

Vicente Catalano

Vice President Brazilian Market