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Hector J. Orea

Founder and CEO

Héctor José Orea is a distinguished entrepreneur with an advanced background in Business Administration and an outstanding trajectory in founding and developing companies in strategic sectors such as food, oil and gas, and fertilizers. His strategic leadership and profound business vision have been pillars in creating successful global operations. He stands out for his remarkable ability to drive innovation and his dedication to sustainable development, which solidifies his status as a visionary business leader.

As founder and main promoter of Oreasoc Group, Mr. Héctor José Orea has played a crucial role in the company’s growth and global expansion. His ability to establish strategic alliances with prestigious organizations worldwide has been essential in this process. These collaborations have strengthened Oreasoc Group’s international presence and consolidated its position as a key player in the industries in which it operates.

Furthermore, Mr. Hector Jose Orea is widely recognized for his strong commitment to the economic and social development of the regions and communities where Oreasoc Group has influence, also highlighting his deep empathy towards animals. His passion for animal welfare has led him to lead numerous rescue projects, especially focused on abandoned canines. He effectively leads initiatives that promote social well-being, reflecting the company’s core values as a responsible and partner committed to communities. His leadership in these areas strengthens Oreasoc Group’s reputation as an entity that contributes significantly to social progress and well-being.

Executive Committee

Peter Knez


Hector Orea

Vice Chairman

Hector Jose Orea

Founder and CEO

Juan Nicora


Francisco Miralles

Chief Financial Officer

Angel Meza

Chief Operating Officer

Marcus Nobel

Board Member

Robert Lavia

Board Member

Dato Hamid

Board Member

Pablo Sugastti

Board Member

Rachid Llaudy

Board Member

Vicente Catalano

Vice President Brazilian Market