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Robert Lavia

Board Member

Mr. Robert Lavia is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur, who in 2015 founded Dakia Global Enterprise, a firm focused on high-impact social investments. As Chairman, Mr. Lavia leads Dakia Global, overseeing its main branches U-Ventures and Dakia Energy. U-Ventures is an initiative that supports innovative startups in the entertainment sector, while Dakia Entertainment Hospitality, one of its subsidiaries, collaborates with Universal Music Group to revolutionize the hospitality and live entertainment industry by integrating technologies into lifestyle clubs and retail.

In addition to his role at Dakia, Mr. Lavia is a fervent advocate for environmental sustainability. He is a founder and shareholder of Alder Renewables, part of Dakia Energy, where he focuses on carbon-negative energy solutions using biomass. In his role as a member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Lavia also chairs the Strategy Committee. Alder Renewables works with industry leaders such as Honeywell, United Airlines and Rolls Royce on the development of Alder Green Crude, an innovative technology set to revolutionize fuels in aviation, marine logistics and biochemicals.

Beyond his executive functions, Mr. Lavia holds key roles in various organizations committed to sustainable development, such as the Oxford Leadership Group, the Be Earth Foundation, AREDAY and the Lazlo Institute, evidencing his deep commitment to improving society and the environment.

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